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Sprint simulation


As a demo presenter I want to be able to simulate a Perfect, Good and Bad sprint using the demo setup app. I should be able to indicate the simulation type i.e. Perfect, Good or Bad in the config file and the console app should be able to take the work items I have assigned in a sprint and mimic a sprint burn down for the indicated simulation type.

So, if the simulation type is perfect, then the stories should be burned down in a perfect 45 degree. If the simulation type is bad then I should have abrupt burn down and most carry forward even past the sprint end date.

The solution needs to be highly configurable.
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TarunArora wrote Oct 27, 2012 at 3:01 PM

This is not possible to do. The sprint burn down chart is calculated using the value of "System.AuthorizedDate" which cannot be set to historic dates using the API. More details can be found here...

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